Returning Back to Homestead Meat Provenance

One of my favorite blogs is The Healthy Home Economist. Her blog is incredibly informative, well written and current on what people need to know about food.

Today's bog post was incredibly fabulous. The title caught my attention - A Return to the Wisdom of Homestead Meat Provenance.  Sarah's first two lines grabbed me  - "The loss of consumer contact with the local butcher whom they know and trust is one of the damaging aspects of the rise of factory farms.  The "butchers" of today are really  not even butchers - they are simple specialty grocery workers who receive prepackaged and precut portions of meat off a delivery truck and arrange them in a desirable manner in the meat cooler section of the store."

I clicked the play link on the below video and from the start I knew I needed to pause and invite Michael to join me in watching it together.  We did and had a few moments of being so proud of the thirty somethings who are taking back the ground and returning to what is good and right. It's as if they no longer want to nor will they believe the lies (we) the older generation told them.

There is an opportunity to make a financial donation to this project and my point in posting this is NOT so you do so - but more so that you become educated a bit more. I'm always leery about making a donation to anything and at this season we run a very tight budget - that given - we couldn't help but financially support this project with our small donation. It was our way in saying - We Believe In You!

If you watch the video - I'd love your thoughts/comments.  Have a wonderful weekend!