Spring at Our Farm

The other day Sook and her husband stopped by our farm to bring us several bags of wonderful aloe vera plants.  As we took a little walk around to admire the spring beauty, Sook commented how we should charge people just to see our farm.  Michael and I took that as a complement to the hard work we've done.

Yesterday, we held a yard sale here at our farm and one person after another commented about the beauty. Others expressed their comments in silence while wide eyes peeked around at the color.  Some people said they didn't know such a place of beauty and particularly this farm existed.  I like to say that our farm is Scottsdale's best kept secret.  

Everyday we are so thankful that we get to experience what others often do not or who are to busy to notice.  We are so thankful that God has given us the strength and joy to take a piece of land that was barren and rugged and create sanctuary in this place we call our farm and our home. 

When is our farm open to the public?  
Because we're a very busy working farm - and are only open to the public on Tuesdays - the day we hold our farmers' market.  

We do make time (occasionally) for special tours so please see the Visiting Our Farm page {here}