I Can't Call Them Fresh Eggs Because . . .

. . . some FDA government regulation from somewhere has secured the "fresh and local" adage for some government egg production factory somewhere . . . .

But . . . you gotta know that our eggs are fresh and they are local and so, Michael says to call them:

Farm House Eggs

So, once again - we'll have wonderful, perfect, eggs of all sorts of colors - blue, brown, light brown, speckled, dark brown, white, green, etc.....at our Market Store - this Tuesday. 

And, guess what?

None of them have been dipped in lye!

If you need eggs on another day besides Tuesdays.....call me on the farm phone @ 480.206.7821 and we'll most likely be able to take care of your need!  Eggs are $5.50 a dozen.