Tuesday's Market Le Menu - A Light Affair

Like I said yesterday {here} we're starting that "in between" growing season - out with the old and in with the new - except the new isn't in yet.

This is where we shamelessly humbly ask that you come grow with us . . . knowing that the next few weeks will be small baskets of what is left....with anticipation of wonderfully full baskets {here} of our marvelously delicious produce to come.

These might be the market days where you show up and it might be {sniff sniff} all gone - except for us - we'll be there {she writes with a big smile}.

These are the market days where you decide to just show up and say "HI". . . see how big the preggo goats are getting . . . get your hands dirty by seeding some new vegetables with us. . . or maybe help paint our barn . . . or just sit down at the market and drink some French press coffee and look through some Farm Market cook books with a girlfriend and decide what new recipe to try.

Yes, these are the days . . .

That being said - the next couple of weeks we'll bag up what I'm calling Le Menu - A Light Affair.

Tomorrow's Le Menu - A Light Affair . . . 
Some nice lettuces
Some nice mizuna
Some carrots
Some radishes
Some spinach
Some Swiss Chard
Some kale

Bunching onions

A few dozen of eggs

Lots of fresh snipped parsley
Lots of fresh snipped cilantro
Lots of fresh snipped thyme
. . .and other wonderful herbs too.