A Busy Wednesday at The Simple Farm

The day after our market days is always busy and today will be no exception. Michael's going to build some raised beds in a few areas where he decided the ground just wasn't workable and yet the spot was perfect for our organic vegetables and herbs.  This is exciting for me.  I think the spot he's choosing has been crying out for something to happen and I can't wait to begin to seed there.

I love how Michael designs and creates. He'll often stand back and just stare at a spot. I've learned to let him 'stare' because he's really designing and pondering and considering in his head about what should go where.  So, in our farming relationship - he designs and builds and I get to fill it in with beauty. It works well for us. His ideas are always pretty amazing.

Today, I'm doing some goat kidding preparation work and researching a bit on some health issues with a few of our does. The community of "goat lovers" is wonderful - extremely helpful when a problem arises.

I'm also pulling out bitter lettuce in my personal potager and will amend those raised beds to get ready for planting - what, I'm not quite sure.

Hope you have a wonderful day!