Simple Farm UPdate . . .So, What are WE doing?

It's been a busy week since the bobcat visited our farm and took out 70 hens.  Michael's been busy repairing and shoring up every tiny space that a cat could squeeze its body through. Finally, our seven new girls (thanks to the gift of these beautiful hens that Bobbie - in Mesa gave) and our five remaining girls, were able to enjoy the spaciousness of the hen yard. We enjoy watching them scratch and dig and dig and scratch some more.

The day of our attack, I called Western Ranchmen and had them hold ALL the pullets they had left. Seventeen babies came to our farm later that afternoon - thanks to our daughter and grandkids who took the trip to WR to pick them up.

Those babies have since graduated from the baby coop - to the teen coop and now to the inner coop of the hen yard. My do they grow fast.

Subsequently, Michael and took the trip out to The Stock Shop - way out on 67 ave and Thunderbird and bought what they had left...those babies are now chirping away in what we call the "teen-age' coop. In time they'll join the other girls in the 'inner coop' of our bigger hen yard.

Needless to say, I'm still a bit skiddish - I jump easy even at the sight of one of our farm cats....trusting that time will improve and calm my nerves.

So, not only has much time been spent on the hen coops but also in planning for a lovely spring harvest. I've planted a ton of tomato starts along with bell peppers and some herbs like basil. Our plan is to be able to sell some of these starts at our Tuesday farm store.

Today, we're doing some forward thinking as to our tomato garden area. Last season we had 100 heirloom tomato plants and when we began to sell at the market - we'd always sell out. This season we've decided to increase our production quite a bit.

Heirloom tomatoes are part of the spring/summer centerpiece of The Simple Farm. So, today we're evaluating increasing that space and will begin the prep work this week.

Another thing we've been mulling over is beginning a CSA and changing our Tuesday market day to Saturdays. More news on those things to come.

Back to work now :-)