The Benefits of Juicing

Michael juiced carrots and spinach this morning!

Years ago Michael bought me a Champion Juicer and to be honest it sat on the shelf in the cupboard more than being used.  I just 'forgot' about juicing until about a year ago when a friend visited and highly recommended that we start juicing (again) and that we check into the Breville Juicer.  

It seems that Breville gets all the gold stars when it comes to the Queen of All Juicers. When one of the reviews said that the Breville is the most powerful juicer on the market" it was enough for my husband to say, YES.

Here's what they said here:

Breville juicer is one of the most popular juicers on the market right now. All over the world, people are taking their health more seriously.

Many people who want to get healthier through the benefits of juicing are choosing
Breville models over some of the other brands.

The Breville Juice Fountain boasts several features that other popular juice extractor brands (like Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer) simply don’t have.

We grow lots of things you can juice - here at The Simple Farm - beets, carrots, spinach, chard, kale . . .and adding parsley and other power herbs make the juice even more nutritious!