Yesterday at Tuesdays Market at Our Farm

On Mondays you will find us meandering scurrying through the garden spots here at our suburban farm (right smack dab in the middle of Scottsdale (AZ) suburbia) looking for what is begging to be snipped, clipped and harvested for Tuesdays market.  We've recently (the 24th of November) opened our farm and our market up to the public.  It's been wonderful to see who shows up and lingers over coffee or hot chocolate with us and takes a little farm tour full of explanations of the how, the what, the why, etc.

Eggplant, okra and basil always sold out quickly at past markets but now Father time, Mr Frost, Mother Nature or whatever you want to call it - showed up in an flurry and quickly closed off the season of such good things.  In reality, the season for such summer crops was ending.

When we harvest early Tuesday morning for the market, we're always delighted at how much we are able to harvest  given that we're just beginning to see little signs of our fall and winter crops popping up.

Yesterday we harvested all the spinach we could, along with bags of our gourmet lettuces and golden and rainbow Swiss Chard.  Purple kale showed up on our market table in little bundles. Other gourmet kale will be available soon too.  Here's one of my favorite recipes for chard and here's one for kale.

Our farm has become a random, whimsical popperie of garden areas - with each area having a name: Strawberry Hill, The Secret Garden, The Salad Garden, The Gourmet Garden, The Tomato Garden, The Wall Garden, The French Garden, Lacey's Garden, etc.

So, yesterday as I walked past The Salad Garden, the endive caught my attention. Endive is a first at our Tuesday Market.

We also had a basket of our heirloom sugar pie pumpkins - perfect for making a few pies for the holidays.

Micro greens are also back and should still be available at next Tuesday's market.

We're starting a new thing here at the farm. It's a "fresh snipped herb" idea.

You tell us what herbs you want and together we'll head out to the garden spot where that herb is growing and snip it with you and then you head back to the market to bag and weigh your herbs.  One person said, "that's magical."

Hope to see you at next Tuesdays market here at The Simple Farm!