Today's Farm Project

Today my husband made another roosting perch for the 48 Black Astralorps that are just a few months old.  We now have a good amount of hens with three different ages and are anticipating the second batch of girls to begin laying the beginning of February. That's exciting because we'll have a good supply of dozens of farm fresh eggs for sale - directly from our farm. . . right here in the middle of Scottsdale Suburbia.

Another project Michael's been working on is completing the gate into the back section of our farm. It's the one that gates the whimsical part of the farm from the field. I've watched him ponder and mediate and research which gate option would be the best. I think he's going to be delighted to be done and check that one of the list of "Many Farm Projects To Do."

Today, he finished the last of two signs he'd been working on . . .the ones that say . . .