Our Farm Market - Before And After Pictures

I'd wanted to have it a bit more together in posting the before pictures of our market prior to actually opening our market here at the farm - but as life has it - my 'together-ness' just wasn't together.

Oh, well.

But, if you're like me - I LOVE those before and after pictures of rooms, gardens, etc. So, I thought I'd just post all the pictures - not in any kind of sequence - so you could see what we'd been up to the weeks prior to opening the market last Tuesday.

French press makes work more fun.

I'd forgotten to get the French blue paint for the trim on our market door. Michael was at Home Depot and so sweetly picked out a color: Country French Blue by Sherwin Williams.  To be honest, it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, and wasn't still quite sure as it was being applied - but now? I love it. It's perfect.

I was playing around with the idea of that French country canvas as an addition to the market, but just wasn't working for me.

I gathered all our market display 'stuff' and enjoyed watching Anita 'play'.  She's very good at display.

She'd set it up, take it down and then line it out on the market patio to look at it all. Kinda felt like going to a vintage sale or something. . . with my own stuff.

This signage is some of my favorite.  I'd dropped a load of things off to the Goodwill and felt compelled to take a peek in the dumpster. My eye caught three of these door and all I could think about was "chalk board paint."  The guy inside the Goodwill was incredibly kind to snatch all three doors for me.  I'm on the hunt for more doors - a large door with 4 or 6 panels would be nice. Got an idea of two up my sleeve.

This vintage chandelier was something we wanted to work into our market display, but like that canvas print - just wasn't working for me . . . maybe later.

Mirrors have a wonderful way of adding depth to rooms. My darling husband put it up...and then we had him take it down. . . because . . .

. . . I could just picture this vintage headboard and footboard as great signage for the market.

A little Benjamin Moore Linen White paint and more chalk board paint....

The after is here.  And in another upcoming blog post, I've more pictures from our first market day.  More fun vintage is {here}.