The Farm In The Neighborhood - The Simple Farm

We love being known as the farm in the neighborhood and we love having our farm be opened to the neighbors on Tuesdays.

Why you ask?  Not only are we meeting so many new faces, but we get to provide families with quality and fresh vegetables and herbs.

Tuesday morning early, you'll find a few farm volunteers picking what is fresh and lovely.  Others you'll find setting up our simple market display at the south side barn (near the goat yard).  Others will be hustling about making some coffee to set out for morning and afternoon market shoppers.

Besides selling YOU our produce and herbs (flowers soon - and eggs soon) we love showing you around a bit.  Everyone is curious about The Simple Farm. It's not every day there is a farm like ours in the middle of suburbia.

Hope to see you this Tuesday at our market - right here on the farm!  9080 E. Cactus Rd. in Scottsdale!