Beautiful Eggs

These days eggs are a valuable commodity and we are happy that our 43 hens are will provide that which is a good thing for life.

We have 43 hens here at The Simple Farm and statistically we should be gathering about 40 eggs a day. But, as life would have it - it's been hot and when it's hot no one really likes to work real hard and that has included our girls.

All that said, we appreciate our loyal egg lovers and thank you for your patience in hanging in there with us as we too wait for cooler days and egg production to pick up.

That being said, we'd been taking egg orders while at the market so that people who want them can reserve them.

At times, it's gotten a bit confusing. We hold eggs for someone and they doesn't show up until market closing time.  Or I can't remember the face of the person I promised the eggs to or like today we're told they might not be coming every week.  That puts us into another quandary.

Now, that being said, we're not going to reserve eggs any long except for the two committed egg customers - one man driving all the way from Troon just to the market for our eggs and the other faithful wife and mom who loves our eggs.

We imagine that perhaps this might make some people a tad upset, but being what it is - eggs will be available on Saturday morning at the market on a first come first buy basis. When production increases, we'll announce the opportunity to buy eggs mid-week from our market store here at the farm.