We're Busy Working And . . .

 . . . discing our field and planting a few things (yup, even in this heat) that will be for the starts of our fall crop.

We've seeded French Breakfast Radishes and will do more with consecutive seedings. I know we're a tad early for these, but thought we'd try and see what happens.
We've seeded Heirloom Pumpkins:  Small Sugar Pumpkin & Sugar Pie Pumpkin. And, for the kids pumpkin patch, we've seeded Big Max pumpkins.
We've seeded Italian Pole beans and more eggplant.
We've seeded a ton of zinnia (great to attract bees), a ton of mammoth sun flowers and a desert wild flower mix.
We've also seeded a lot of love and nurture into each one.

Pumpkins popping up!