Beautiful Garnishments: Edible Flowers


I am pretty sure these are Cornflowers. I ate one and it has a nice gentler flavor.

Another Cornflower.

My Butterfly mix.

Dianthus - which means "divine" flower. 

More Dianthus . . . 

. . . and some more Dianthus.

My Dianthus selection is meager and now that I know that it's a delightful edible, we'll add more pockets of this in the fall. 

There are few color spots of Pansies throughout the garden and these are edible. They have a bit of a peppery taste.

I'm personally nuts about the French Lavender ( I also have a bit of Spanish and English). I've used it to make Lavender Honey to drip over my Peter's Honey Figs.  Speaking of figs . . .

Flower Adornments - Price TBD