The Evening for Wine + Cheese Is Planned

Molly, the owner of Where My Vans Go, and I met last evening at a local coffee shop and talked about our farm's Golden Dew Serum (a botanical active serum) and we added the final touches for our Wine + Cheese Night on June 15th at the farm. 


I realized that brainstorming with another creative is something I need and get inspired by. The experience with her (and other women) proves to me that we do need each other in ways we might not realize. They see what we do through other eyes that we might not be aware of - and need.  Molly had the most amazing ideas and thoughts for packaging for our Golden Dew Serum that I am still smiling about.

So, our Wine + Cheese evening on June 15th is all about forming a networking/collaboration/connection tribe of local AZ entrepreneurs who have launched small businesses and who use Instagram as a key source of marketing/communication.  The goal is to support, network and be inspiration to each other. We want our AZ small businesses to GROW!.  Even the Mayor of Gilbert is coming to share what she DID in her community. A branding expert is coming and others.

It's important to connect, see the face behind the business in an atmosphere that is outside the corporate world. So, Molly and I would love for you to come.  Tickets and details are here and if you purchase a ticket before THIS Friday, we want to invite you to bring a friend (who is an entrepreneur + using Instagram) as your guest. Communicate your guest name in the ticket info. See you next Friday!

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