Blue Coops + Wood Fire Ovens


For some reason it ALWAYS seems to take extra long to check a project off the list. Painting the hen house was on the project list and a HUGE thanks to my daughter and son - in - law from Rancho Bernardo for grabbing paint brunches.  Not sure the hens appreciate it as much as we do. They have taken up to - or a few have taken up - to the art of cracking eggs and eating some. Naughty birds. YOU NEVER want that to happen. I do believe, it's a calcium issue, which has been rectified - but it just becomes sport/habit for some. Anyone have ideas? 

Evenings are always a bit more magical at the farm when these ovens are full of fire. Our next dinner is our Cool of The Evening Dinner with Chef Derek of Moonrise Standard. Each gathering has been . . . well, ask the folks that come. Let them tell you. A few seats remain for May 25th.

A Few Dates To Know

May 11th - Rose Themed Mother's Day Brunch at the Farm. 2 Tickets are left.

May 17th - Last day to visit the farm. Closing till who knows when. 

May 25th - Cool of the Evening Dinner -

June 15th - Wine + Cheese Gathering for Insta-Entrapanuerals - Tickets/Details coming soon.

July 20th - Pizza + Beer Evening - Tickets posting soon.

October 19th - First Fall Dinner - Tickets/Details coming soon.

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