What Is A Hyrdosol?

There is something so beautiful about hydrosols and I personally can't live without mine. A hydrosol is the aromatic waters created during the steam distillation process of various plant materials - herbs and flowers. Each botanical contains gentle, medicinal and therapeutic properties that are so beneficial for various beauty + skin needs. Depending on the botanical, like lavender, rose geranium, german chamomile, they will contain various benefits. Some are soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, hydrating, calming and more. Women are using German Chamomile and or Calendula to aid in healing the skin from radiation after breast cancer. 


I have include my favorites in our T S F Botanical collection of hydrosols and use all four at various times, depending upon what my skin is doing. My favorite, right now, is Lavender.  

Personally, I think a hydrosol should be incorporated into every morning and evening beauty routine. After I cleanse with one of our milk cleansing bars, I mist with our hydrosol and then I use the serum I have formulated to seal in that moisture. 

Hydrosols are really a wonderful gift for anyone. Purposefully, our hydrosols are 1 oz - gifts, travel and the handbag for all day misting. 

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