Evelyn + Mother's Day Brunch, Gifts + Season Closing Date

Evelyn is Cherry's little girl and when we almost lost Cherry because of a stuck/backwards/buck kid and then when this little girl was born - she not only melted my heart (I mean, just LOOK at THAT punim {can I use that word for a baby goat?)! BUT, I just sensed Cherry needed to have a baby with her this time around. Needed is the word. But, maybe I needed her (too.)


Almost every season our grandkids get the privilege of naming baby goats and this year - this one had various names - but it was the name Evelyn that I thought should be hers. She is an Evelyn. Sweetest thing ever.


Evelyn, isn't as people connected as our other girls. That is "normal" when a baby is "dam raised" - meaning she nurses off her mother. When bottle fed, they bond to the human and when "dam raised" they bond to the mother. 


In spite of Evelyn being bonded to her mother (sweetest thing ever to watch them cuddle), she is allowing us to get close to her - she is learning to trust us. She loves her neck scratched and oats being hand fed.

May 11th - Our Mother's Day Brunch


There is something beautiful about women gathering in a garden to celebrate the gift of womanhood/motherhood/friendship and beauty. Friends are bring friends and mothers are bringing daughters and I'd love for you to come too. Tickets are still available here

Besides giving the gift of a ticket to our Mother's Day Brunch, let me recommend TSF Botanicals Pink Collection of Rose Geranium Facial Tonic along with Canyon Pink Clay. You can't go wrong. We will ship it to you or Mom with a note too. Order here.


As you know, or maybe you don't know, we open the farm late October and then close the farm (to the public) Mayish/Junish. We have set our season's closing date for May 17th. 

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