The Beauty of Thursdays at The Simple Farm - 9-11:30 am + UPDATE on the Arrival of Baby Goats

I just heard how lovely the weather will be this Thursday. Lovely weather means that our farm tends to draw more folk. I mean, I'd go out in perfect weather too. This made me think how you'd want to know that IF you had plans to COME to the farm THIS Thursday, and IF you were thinking about finding a spot to enjoy the weather, the amazing Pickett Fence pastries + farm coffee - you should plan now to arrive at 9 am. In. Order. To. Get. At. The Front. Of. The. Pastry. Line. Just in case. 


And, you know we also have the most beautiful greens and herbs and citrus this time of year. The lettuces have been the best! Needing fresh eggs for your weekend breakfast omelette? We have them for you. 


Did you get a chance to watch the video of Chef Derek yet? It's here - and the title is perfect for him - "the poetic inner workings of a chef. Speaking of Chef Derek - who is our amazing chef for this springs suppers - two more seats have opened up for the March 16th Supper. Those tickets are here. If that doesn't work for you, we have a few tickets left for the April 13th Sundown Supper here.

Suppers at our farm are magical - the farm ambience, the evening starlit sky, the long farm tables, the wood fire ovens, the way strangers become friends and the light conversation about the art of slow living around good - really good food prepared right at our farm by one who is passionate about the beauty and goodness of food. That translates to us. Quote by Chef Derek, "Thoughts and opinions are passed around like platters of trout- both complimented by a steady pour of wine."

Update on Goats

My head has been focused on numbers. It's corporate tax filing season and in my attention there - I took a second look at the calendar and it's ALMOST HERE and I sure don't feel quite prepared. In about 15 days or less - we should be welcoming the first of the farm's baby goats for this season. We are praying for a very sweet and safe delivery for all babies and the mothers. 60% of the time - it doesn't go so smoothly. Deep breath and prayer. There is a chance that either Hazel or Cherry go into labor during our Thursday morning Farm Market Day - if so, there is a chance that you might be able to quietly - observe. IF this happens, we will ask for a quiet space to be created - so the doe's labor process be honored and respected. We will post such rules next week at the farm. 

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