Real, Raw, Messy + Beautiful. Birthing Documentation One

I mentioned in a previous blog post that Hazel went into labor a few hours before our farm's dinner on March 16th. Months before the due date of my girls, I reached out to 4 very very special women and invited them to join me - Hay Bale Women - for the birthings of Hazel, Cherry, Bridgette and Raquel. We gathered before hand to drink coffee, eat fresh fruit and baked goods while I and Gretchen (my goat birthing partner) explained in detail what it would be like, what to expect and what their roles would be. Cindy (of The Brexley),  Laura (of Pickett Fence Pastries), Fawn Deviney (one of the most amazing photographers I have ever met and love to pieces) who would be documenting the experience that we would be having together. This whole experience was incredibly amazing. Each woman rose to the task and I am so thankful for each of them. When you gather as women - in a dirty, dusty birthing stall - waiting with expectation and nervousness of the impending births - hoping and praying all goes well and that the babies present themselves in correction formation - you bond - you connect and your hearts meld forever - because of what you have just experienced. 

 So, this post (just a few images) will be Birthing Documentation One. These images are ALL Fawn's and I have been given permission to use them. Some are graphic - but the beauty of documentation is in the real, raw, messy part of life and birth. The images here are in somewhat of a birthing sequence. 


Hazel's second baby on the way. 

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