I Have A Favor . . .

Just thought I'd ask a favor.

  • IF you've come to our farm for a Thursday morning to experience the goats, chickens, beauty, or fresh produce

  • AND IF you have enjoyed our caramels (given them as gifts or just enjoyed them yourself

  • AND/OR IF you have experienced a brunch or dinner at our farm

  • AND it meant something to you  - My FAVOR is this: it'd mean so much to Michael and I if you would be so kind to leave a review on Yelp or Trip Advisor. 

The other day, a beautiful woman from Illinois, wrote me, " Lylah, I ordered some of your Rose Geranium, I use it every day." And, then she went on to say that she left a review about our farm on Trip Advisor.  That means so much to us.


It also means so much to us, when you purchase products from our farm like our sea salt caramels or something from T S F Botanicals Skin Care Collection

If you have not tried products from T S F Botanicals, but have been curious - here's 15% off when you shop the collection. Use the CODE: Beauty.

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