We are Celebrating Beauty & New Life From The Farm

Wow, the past few days of been quite interesting. Friday evening we had our Farm Dinner with Chef Derek of Moonrise Standard. And, would you know during the second course, sweet Hazel decides to deliver a set of the most beautiful triplets. I was able to give a little farm tour to about 20 guests to describe some of the things that could be observed while Hazel was in the beginnings of labor. Not sure what the guest thought, but for sure, it made for an interesting evening. Michael cuddled and wrapped up a newborn - 7 or so minutes old - and took her to the farm arbor so our dinner guests could take a peak.


Then, Sunday it was Cherry's turn. Late afternoon, I knew she was "off" and attempting to work it - but I could also observe the normal labor progression wasn't what it should be. Before sundown, I did a "check" and discovered what I didn't really want to discover. Breech kids with legs tucked underneath are not something you want to attempt to deliver. I will spare you all the painful and emotionally draining details, but say that after way to many hours, I phoned some older goat friends with a loud SOS cry. Michael ended up being the hero - in time - to save Cherry and deliver a stuck baby boy. So, we have 5 beautiful babies and both mothers are now - recovering. We are so grateful that we get to celebrate not only the beauty of our farm, but new life. Do come to the farm this Thursday morning to take a peek at the sweet precious babies. 

If you can't come - we'd still love you to celebrate with us. 

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