Birthing Goats + Plant Beauty + Skin + Supper

It seems as if birthing/kidding season has come upon me faster than I am mentally prepared for. I will be honest - at times, it becomes a bit stressful waiting and watching and checking on mothers due to kid - waiting to see "if it's the time and it's really happening now" kind of thing.  This year, I decided to include 3 women (Gretchen Goldstein is always part of the team) to join me in the sacredness of goat birthing. I met with Fawn, Cindy and Laura yesterday - Gretchen and I chatted and explained various things that would/could be expected and we told them some of the things we'd have them participate in. Fawn's role is to photographically document this experience. Check Fawn's website out here.

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Currently, as I give you a farm update, this is what I am viewing. Hazel is due first and we'd be happy if she waited until Tuesday - that would give her 145 days of gestation - 150 is normal.

Never in my life did I realize the amazing and beautiful benefits of plants - herbs and flowers for skin. As a grower, I feel even more connected to the direct source of the raw ingredients that are being grown, harvested, dried and soon to be infused into select oils for T S F Botanicals beauty blend - which will be formulated for our face serum. 


This new formulating beauty lab we created continues to come alive with raw ingredients. Everyone I invite to "come and see" always remark about how "amazing it smells." It should smell amazing - it's beauty and earth and pure plant goodness. We are taking as many ingredients as possible straight from the farm for our formulation process. Needless to say, Jenni (my daughter/partner) are loving this. 

We have just released our final cleansing bar in our collection. You're going to love it. It's Spring Water + Calendula Herbal Oil with notes of Geranium + Lavender. More info on this gentle cleansing bar is here.

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Another part of life here at the farm is the supper piece - gathering at the longest farm table we have. All tickets sold for the March 16th supper and a few remain for April 13th. Tickets are here as well as info. We will be scheduling a Mother's Day Brunch and a Starlit Supper for May. 

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