The Farm is OPen ThursDay Mornings - 9-11:30. Pastries, Eggs, Fresh Greens +

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I just realized that I haven't told you that the FARM IS open to the public - Thursday mornings from 9-11:30.  Laura, from Pickett Fence Pastries brings her European style bakery to the farm. Arrive by 9 am for the best selection. Michael makes fresh French Roast to serve with the pastries.

What else is here? According to Washington Post HERE - our farm is one of the top things to see/do in Scottsdale. Chloe and Beatrix are as cute as ever. 


Eggs, fresh picked greens - best salad mix ever are available on Thursday mornings. 


And, of course our farm's award winning sea salt caramels made with fresh goats milk. 


Can't make it to the farm on Thursdays? We are happy to ship our products from the farm to you. 

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