Giving to Houston and Experiencing The Brexley

I don't know about you, but I can't get those sad - so sad images out of my mind - the ones that we see in Houston. The devastation. The grief. The loss. And more.

It's an opportunity for all of us to figure out what our part is in giving whatever we can to people in desperation. Michael and I made a donation to Samaritans Purse. You can check them out here.


We want to do more and thought we'd see if you wanted to work with us. Here's what we will do with you.

You buy 2 or more packages of caramels (if you buy 5 or more, it's free shipping) and we will add a gift package in your order. Then for every 2 or more that is purchased we will give $5 and this time donate through another organization called Preemptive Love. I love the heart of these people and you can check them out here.

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An Experience You Will Want To Know About: The Brexley

 A new and totally unique experience is coming to Scottsdale soon that will feature our farm's caramels.

The Brexley will bring locals and travelers the best Valley made products, accommodations and events.

This storied experience is designed for all of us who appreciate thoughtful design, refined style and peaceful reprieves. Join me in following @thebrexley to learn more.

**We'd love to work with you to recreate a special caramel label for your special event. Connect with us at

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