Summer Time Special - 6 Weeks

Last week was our last Farm Member/CSA pick up and now it's time to see what's next. One thing for use is that we are letting many of the raised beds have a rest. More about that later . . .

. . . but for now - we started a Summer Time Special - for 6 Weeks. It's an Egg Membership. Buy one dozen of eggs for $6 and pick up your dozen over the next 6 weeks. In other words, pay $36 for a 6 week fresh farm egg pick up. I touted this on Instagram (follow me here if you don't) and it looks like we might have filled all the spots - but just in case (I need to do a count) email me here at if you're interested.

So, every Thursday between 8 - 9:00 am you will stop by the farm - and pick up your eggs.

Now, here's the even more awesome part.

Laura, of Picketfence Pastries is taking PRE-ORDERS (see the order list below) for a selection of her amazing European Style baked pastries. I'm already ordering some almond croissants and cherry hand pies. Simple email/call Laura by Monday evening or Tuesday evening with your order. You will prepay for your order and then pick up at the farm at this green garden table above on Thursday morning between 8-9 am.

It's easy and awesome! See you Thursday for your fresh farm eggs and amazing pastries.

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