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Today, I read this from HERE....

This buried treasure in Arizona has all the accoutrements of modern living — sights, boutiques and fine foods — for when the coyotes and cactuses just aren’t enough. By Andrea Sachs

This lovely article went on to list all the Local Faves and down on the list - number TEN was The Simple Farm.

This sort of press is always so encouraging to us. Michael and I had no clue anyone had even come to our farm, let alone planned to include us in a list of things to do/visit/faves in Scottsdale. Here's the rest of the article.


Speaking of Scottsdale local, this adorable new floral studio and gift shop in Old Town called Uprooted Bloom Room (the grand opening was just Thursday evening) will be carrying our farm's caramels.


A little baby goat update - the two littles staying at the farm this year - Chloe (below) and Beatrix are the sweetest of all baby goats we've ever had. Truly. They are both gentle spirited and it's fun to see them start to hang out with the big girls - especially eating lots of alfalfa and becoming little cud chewers.

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