Pizza Supper, Thursday FarmShop, Picket Fence Pastries & Coffee

Greetings everyone! Thought I'd give you an update on the farm's first Farm to Table Pizza Supper this past Friday night. Basically, it was awesome. All our guests gathered at the table after spending a bit of time greeting the baby goats, being loved on and taking pictures. There's nothing like a 2 week old baby goat!

Michael and I are soooooo thankful to Chef Rick of Kitchen West at The Scottsdale Resort. He donated his time and pizza ingredients for this first Pizza Supper which all proceeds went to help pay for these two wood fire ovens.

In short order he began putting under heat lamps the most wonderful, delightful, incredible pizza you'd ever want to enjoy. It was all magical. The evening was lovely, Our farm table was lovely (thanks to Nancy and Joyce for working hard to create the farm couture style) with all the fresh rosemary, just snipped lavender bundles, mint and marjoram to add color, texture and fragrance.

One of the things Michael and I enjoy the most is seeing those gathered around our tables enjoy good food and good conversation. We look forward to planning more of these Pizza Suppers.

Thursday FarmShop Open 9-11:30

This past Thursday, I think we must have had 250-300 folk stop by the farm. I know it was spring break, but maybe it was a combination of announcing the showing of our new baby goats AND that we serving Picket Fence Pastries and little cups of coffee again.

Laura Koch, of Picket Fence Pastries sold ALL she baked and brought to the farm by around 10:30. Everything she does is incredible and we are so happy she chose our farm to be at.

Pastries and Coffee

Some of you reading this blog post will remember how we served the coffee and pastries a few years ago. We took a sabbatical to figure out how/what we wanted this to look like again. And, with our new Gathering Garden on the east side of the FarmShop and with Laura joining us, it seemed perfect to add a few little bistro tables and serve up coffee again.

Cups of coffee are $3 each AND we have made a decision to serve coffee ONLY until 10:30 and/or when the pump pot is empty - coffee is done.

And, of course, I can't have a blog post update without a few baby goats. Micheal is holding Hazel's 3rd surprise, Beatrix. The sweetest baby ever. Well, they are all the sweetest babies ever.

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