We Are Working Overtime . . .


. . . to fill your orders with TSF Botanicals, the skin care collection from our farm.  For your mother - choose of of our Facial Tonic (hydrosols) such as Rose Geranium. It's perfect for the woman in your life with "mature skin" because it soothes and calms and moisturizes. 

Not sure what to get the man in your life? Our Activated Charcoal + Rosemary is a good choice.  We formulated this skin milk bar to be an earthy blend of rosemary and AHA rich raw goat milk which creates a gentle detoxifying exfoliation for the skin. Really, this bar is very popular for everyone. 

Canyon Pink Clay + Citrus was formulated as a clarifying bar offering a luxurious treat for the skin with it's French Pink Clay. The added benefit of brightening pink grapefruit provides a glowing complexion. 


Stocking stuffers, the teacher, your mother, sister, boss - we have you covered. 

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