The Beauty of German Chamomile


It's so tiny and yet so powerful. It's delicate and has a gentle fragrance like earth and sweet honey. It's German Chamomile and I love it. 

I think most people are familiar with German Chamomile as a "calming" tea, and yet it has the same wonderful benefit and more when used on the skin. It soothes, calms and has anti-inflammatory properties good for troubled skin. Here is a wonderful resource that lists 15 Benefits & Uses for German Chamomile


Five weeks ago, my daughter and I joined together to start TSF Botanicals, a 100 % natural, non-toxic skin care company.  It is the beauty at our farm in Scottsdale that is the inspiration for the products we formulating. Everything is done right here at the farm - from creating the product, to making it, bottling, labeling and packaging it - and then shipping it to you. 

This new product I am excited about is our German Chamomile Hydrosol. A hydrosol is an aqueous product of steam/hydro distillation of fresh leaves, fruits, flowers and the stem. In this case - it's the whole, beautiful little German Chamomile that goes through a distillation process and what remains is the hydrosol.


These little bottles are 1 ounce and available online here. They are perfect for travel, great as a little gift and of course good to carry in your handbag. 

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