Let's Talk About Mint

Two kinds of mint are on my mind and I thought you'd want to know . . . .

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Three Mint, from the TSF Botanicals Skin Care Collection is one I enjoy a ton. It's invigorating and refreshing. This skin milk bar (face + body) was inspired by all the mint we grow at the farm.  We formulated this milk bar with reviving notes of spearmint, wintergreen and peppermint to rejuvenate the skin and awaken the senses. And, it does.  You can order yours here and until Monday, receive 20% off on all orders AND a free gift of mini goat milk bars. 
use CODE "supportsmall". 

The next mint on my mind is our seasonal Peppermint Caramels - and they are so good but in limited supply this year.  They are in the Caramel Shop here

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As you plan for your holiday gift giving, we are so appreciative for all of you who remember us - and other small, artisan businesses. Thanks in advance.


And finally - mint from the garden makes the BEST mint tea. Simply snip a large portion, rinse it off and put it in a half gallon size glass jar. Pour boiling water over this beautiful herb and steep for about 15 minutes. Pour a cup and take time to breathe in all goodness of this plant that soothes and calms and aids in digestion. Mint is also a pallet cleanser and supposedly mint boosts your memory. Here's to mint. Cheers. 

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