Simple Gatherings

We have made a few changes of direction at The Simple Farm and I will write about that soon, but for now, I am loving the movement back to home cookery, slow living and experiencing the joys of simple gatherings around the meal table.

Every time Michael and I have hosted one of our farm's table gatherings (a brunch coming up here on the 13th and a supper here on the 20th) the memories shared and old stories told around that table become beautiful gifts.

This movement to invite others to your home and to share the pleasure of your table (in very simple ways) is and will continue to have profound effect on the generations to come. I think simple gatherings and small gatherings are life changing and need to happen more often.


Michael and I are having a simple and small gathering of our own this Friday evening. We have invited 3 other couples who have a very special place in our lives. We will sit in the garden arbor near the wood fire ovens while Michael and the other men make pizza (first time ever and I am sure blog worthy). 

We will sit and talk and share and enjoy as if there were no tomorrow. We will make memories and tell stories. The other women are bringing something - anything and because I like simple we will probably serve Perrier. I have already asked my father to do a repeat of last weeks, French desert, Cherry Clafoutis, from Mimi Thorrisson's wonderful recipe book - A Kitchen in France. 


There are many old books and some new books I love that inspire to create simple gatherings. The first book, The Kinfolk Table, written in 2013 is a book all about the table. The subtitle - Recipes for Small Gatherings grabbed my attention and after reading the inside cover I was moved to make the book mine.

Things like . . . discover the simple pleasures of a shared meal . . . and . . . the home cooks are both reinventing and rediscovering the joy of casual entertaining . . . and . . . the beauty of choosing to be real, finding and creating beauty and meaning in everyday life and showing up at life's feast - even if that just means a cup of tea and a spoon of homemade preserves - and doing so with an open heart and a generous spirit - drew me in and still does.

There is another book I love, called Simple Gatherings, just published this year. It's a simple book about creating an experience that will draw people together.  This little book has lots of tips, ideas and inspiration to help you create a simple and inviting atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.58.14 PM.png

The author, Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room, has taken the stress of inviting others to your home with this book that shows you simple ways to find more joy in your OWN style of preparing for and welcoming others into your home.

What does gathering others to your home look like? What tips do you have to create stress free hospitality? What do you love to serve when others (including your family) come and gather around your table?  I'd love to hear your comments.

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