We Gathered Around The Table and We Are Gathering Again - October 20th


Friday, we gathered with about 35 other beautiful people around our new farm tables. Everything was so lovely. Of course, what we served (thanks Laura of Pickett Fence Pastries) was phenomenal (goat cheese quiche with sun dried tomatoes, kalamta olives, fresh farm style field of greens with gatherings from the farm, fresh fruit and Laura's cherry hand pies), but the best part was all the people. 

There's just something about the table - the place where food and stories are told with loved ones, friends and strangers present. 


Recently, I read it's (the family meal table) the place  where each of us learns who we are, where we come from, what we can be, to whom we belong, and to what we are called.

It's been said and we know it's true, that our culture is hungry for table time. There is a longing to experience something we know is good - but not sure how to make it happen.  Perhaps it's the subconscious reason that Michael and I feel led to resurrect the dignity of the table by inviting others to come to ours at the farm. 

And, so, we invite you to join us for our next gathering. We invite you to come to our table at the farm.  Our focus will be to get to know one another and to experience a simple and thoughtful evening together. 

The date is this coming Friday, October 20th. We would love to have you come and join us. Tickets and more info is here

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