Each piece. Hand Picked. Thoughtfull Designed. The Art of Woodworking.

I wonder how many of us really stop to think about the value of preserving tradition. Traditions like taking a piece of raw wood and crafting it into a piece of art - useful art - where beautiful food is carefully presented and enjoyed.

As I watch the good folks of the Gray Goose Wood Shop work together honing out beautiful and timeless pieces, I am reminded how this is really old world craftsmanship.

Recently, I read that the art of woodworking is being able to create something from raw material such as wood and turn it into a master piece and that journey is nothing short of art.

These boards - cheese, cocktail, crackers, fruit, wine glass boards, gift boxes, chef boards, charcuterie are currently available at our FarmShop on Thursday mornings. For more information email: graygoosewoodshop@gmail.com

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