Making Cheese and My Cheese Making Books

 Thanks to Jen Wilbur of   BlueStitch Photography  . This cheese is my Drunken Goat - soaked in a red wine and simply amazing!

Thanks to Jen Wilbur of BlueStitch Photography. This cheese is my Drunken Goat - soaked in a red wine and simply amazing!

I remember how good I felt the first time I made a basic goat cheese called Chevre. I remember how extra good I felt by eating the cheese I'd made. When I make our farm's goat cheese quiche, I use fresh Chevre. Here's my Goat Cheese Quiche recipe. I served this quiche here on Valentines Day.


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Cheese making is NOT difficult. It just takes time and a little understanding of the nature of the milk you're using as well as the different cultures. There are two kinds of cultures - one for hard cheese and one for soft cheese. 

The books in the image above are some of my "go to" resources. The Cheese Chronicles by Liz Thorpe. A great review is here.

The bottom book Cheese - An International Feast To Cheese, here, is a beautiful resource (and great gift to give the cheese lover in your life) The illustrations alone make the book wonderful. It includes 100 classic recipes along with recipes for each course of the meal. There is also advice on what wine to serve with which cheese and ways to use cheese. The illustrations are invaluable. I love this book! is a wonderful resource for cultures, molds and recipes. My favorite is probably the Dairy Connection here.

The past year we held cheese making workshops and perhaps they'd be something we'd consider resurrecting.  Is this something you'd be interested in? If so email us here at and express your interest.

For the Love of Cheese - Lylah

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