Gracie - When good farm cats disappear

Gracie is the coolest ever cat. You have probably met her if you've been the farm. She is friendly and sweet and loves people. If you come to the farm and pet her - she owns you.

Gracie and her mother and sister came to the farm about 6 years ago. After about a year, we lost her mother - to something. I will never forget how in the black of night this howling screeching took place out side the milk room. We had no idea what was going on and when we went to look - there was just shadows against the night that we couldn't not distinguish. It wasn't till the next morning did we realize that the sweet Mom cat became a victim

Gracie and her sister were inseparable and both became even more us humans.  Where one was - you'd find the other. I truly think it was lots of fresh goat's milk that helped create a bridge of trust to us humans.

I will never forget the morning when my friend Anita came and got me. She was as white as a ghost and trembling. She couldn't speak. I just followed and there hidden in a pumpkin patch was Gracie's sister. I won't describe what I saw - but it's one of those images that will never leave me.

Perhaps the hardest thing is - the loss of an animal. One whom you are accustomed to. We've had our share of losses on this small farm. Cinnamon, Karrie, GiGi - the goat's lost to death in front of us. Two cats, 85 hens in one fell swoop (bob cat) and today . . .

. . . we believe we have lost our Gracie. It stinks quite frankly. Not just for me - for for Suzanne (owner of Vilardi Gardens).  For the past 6 months or more Suzanne and Gracie have developed this incredibly sweet bond. Gracie would watch for Suzanne's car to arrive at the farm and as soon as it pulled in - Gracie would meander her way over to the grow center and wait. She'd wait for this woman who treated her like a queen giving her the best cat food she could enjoy. In time, Gracie could be found sitting on Suzanne's lap for her morning massage (aka petting).

Within the past few weeks, Suzanne and I had this conversation about how incredible sad it would be - will be the day we no longer have this cat. You see - she owns us. She took a liberty and we gave it to her - for her to get into our hearts. But, isn't that what they do anyway?

We don't have "proof" that she's gone -will be starting to sing opera if she shows up - but there is just something that - you know - that sense - that gut feeling - that sick feeling - that she's gone.

Late this afternoon, I pursued the farm looking for a body - so far - can't find her. But as prey and predator go - it's possible we won't find her.

So, why this blog post? I suppose, for me, writing is sometimes a therapy. It's also important to give honor to these animals that serve us so well.

So, sweet Gracie - where ever you are - I pray you're at peace - eating all the fancy cat food the heavens would give you. You and your sweetness are missed around her.  Every time i walk around, I think I am going to see you pop out of no where and follow me around. Thanks for being an amazing and wonderful and sweet farm cat.