I met Shanti today. Flower Field Trip to Paulden.

Social media, like Instagram, is a great way to connect and get to know other people who are like minded.  In particular, Instagram, has opened up this other world for me.  As an entrepreneur and business woman it's created avenues to connect with other women who love the things that I love and who do similar things that I do.

Today, I had the privilege of meeting Shanti Rade, the co owner/farmer/entrepreneur/wife/mother/flower grower/floral designer of WhipStone Farm.  Shanti is one of my flower grower heroes and was thrilled when she opened her farm for her first Flower Field Trip today (Saturday).  Stay connected to her and her farm here - so you can get info on any future Flower Field Trips.

When the invitation went out for a Flower Field Trip to her farm in Paulden, AZ - I jumped on it.

The day was lovely, and I hope you jump on board the next time she and her team open the farm up for their second Flower Field Trip. Sign up for her newsletter here so you know of the next FFT.

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