What Makes Our Caramels So Good?

One of the things people don't realize is that there IS a key ingredient that makes our caramels so good and award winning.  Keep reading . . .

We love the delightful look of surprise when someone tries our caramels for the first time.

They are generally surprised that

#1. they are NOT sticking to their teeth and

#2. they are soft, buttery and creamy and

#3 there is a nice tangy/sweet/salty thing happening


So, what is IT that makes our caramels so good?

Our secret is the goat's milk. Fresh goats milk. Fresh goats milk from happy goats that are loved and well cared for. Happy goats - being fed happy greens (mulberry, pine, mesquite, moranga, pomegranate, oranges, apples, alfalfa and the likes) make for happy milk. Happy milk makes for amazing caramels.


All of our caramels are handmade in small batches. All our ingredients are organic and each caramel is hand wrapped after the right amount of finishing sea salt is added.


Getting married this year?

We can provide that special gift to your wedding guests with our favor size packages of our sea salt bourbon vanilla caramels. We can even collaborate with you and add your names and the date of your special day on the label.

Here's the Caramel Shop.

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