Summer Produce and Will You be OPEN ALL Summer?

As you know, we changed how we do things at our farm. Last year, we started growing for our Farm Members only. That's generally about 30 families. Our produce is perfect for a family of 3-4 people. Some people share their bounty with others by splitting their basket selections or by taking turns for a pick up. For example, one week, Molly picks up the share for her family and the next week Kristen picks up the share for her family. It works well.

Because our produce is grown in an organic way and because it's harvested one or two days at the most of when each member picks up (Thursdays) the produce (stored correctly) will last a LOT longer than that which you purchase in the store. The produce in the store has already had it's harvest time, packaging time, travel time, unloading to the store time and then setting up time added to it when you grab that bag of carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.


Speaking of Farm Members

Summer time is a great time to become a member of our farm. We offer less amounts of weeks during the summer. For example, this Thursday we are starting the first Summer Sizzler - a 4 weeker.


How Does It Work?

Currently, our Members fee is $40 per week. We decide how many weeks we will set for the season of produce. Sometimes it's 10 weeks, sometimes, 9 and sometimes 4 or 5 weeks. So, you read and sign the contract - give me a check for $40 times however many weeks we offer - in advance of your first pick up. You arrive at the farm on Thursday (farm members come in the morning and in the afternoon) bringing your own market satchel. You walk straight through our FarmShop space to the Members Back Room. There you will see the feast of beautiful produce. There's always a list of what you take from for the week. Our list offering is generous. We believe it's a good thing to "tip the scales" and take care of our farm members.


Currently, I have a few more openings for Farm Members. If you'd like to jump in this Thursday for this 4 week Summer Sizzler experience, please email me today.


The above beautiful display was what Farm Members and farm guests feasted from.

Farm Guests and Purchasing Produce

So, I understand some people just want to purchase produce. That's all good too. Whatever is EXTRA in our Wednesday harvest is available for farm guests. It's displayed beautifully in our FarmShop garden area. Farm guests purchase their weekly produce, cheese, breads, herbs, flowers and whatever else we provide Thursday mornings from 9-11:30 am.

What IS the Summer Produce?

Here is the valley, we can grow so much in the summer heat. Those vegetables that hydrate you - like cucumbers, eggplant, mailbar spinach, burgundy okra, summer squash, (some tomatoes) and melons are on our Must Grow list. And, oh, we will have figs soon!

Are you Open All Summer Long?

The short answer is NO. The long answer is that we WILL take time off to rest, let the land rest, get past the brutal months of August and September. the EXACT TIME WE DON'T KNOW YET. That's why it's good to subscribe to this blog. You'll be in the know first.

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