Goat Stories - Bridgette

As you probably know all our goats have names. But what you might not know is that they really do respond when we call them by their names. Some respond more vocally that others, but they do respond to our voice. 

A little bit of info about goats.

Goat's are cool animals. Goats are livestock. Goat's don't eat everything. They're just curious and might take a look/sniff at something and thus get the bad wrap that they eat tin cans. Goat's are ruminants - meaning they have 4 stomachs - just like cows. Goats require a lot more care than you'd think. When they get "sick" they often don't show those symptoms right away. It's one of the reasons we don't allow people in our goat yards. We practice bio-security measures to protect them. When you lose a goat - you've lost a big investment into that animal. 


Bridgette is a super cool girl. She's colorful. Her genetics (heritage) is rock start. Her personality is phenomenal. Her structure is awesome and she's loved by us. Bridgette and Cherry are friends. 

This year we made the decision to wait on breeding Bridgette. So she's still a "virgin doe." Most likely that will change come time this fall's breeding season.


Wedding Favors - Gift Giving

Our goat milk caramels are a unique and perfect way to show your thoughtfulness and say thank you to your guests. I'd love to talk to you about how we can help you. Email me at LylahLedner@gmail.com.

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