Summer Sizzler Season of Squash, Melons, Eggplant, Okra and more...

Hi everyone. It's Saturday night - and I'm sending out a quick blog post about this next 4 week opportunity to be a Farm Member. The current 9 week spring/summer season ended this past Thursday and we're registering all our "OLD" members and adding some new ones.

Melons are looking lovely, Armenian cucumbers, malibar spinach, burgundy okra, summer squash is continuing - figs are ripening. We will still have our sweet cherry tomatoes, garlic chives and other herb - peppers, eggplant and whatever else is currently growing.

IF you are a current member and want to continue - for the next 4 weeks starting on JUNE 23rd - shoot me an email please at It's $40x4=$160. 

IF you are wanting to become a member for the next 4 weeks starting on JUNE 23rd - also shoot me an email at Same amount as above would be due JUNE 16th.

This brings me to JUNE 16th - we WILL put some big tables out in the FARmShop garden space and fill all our baskets with everything we can harvest for EVERYONE to stop by and get their fresh produce.

Even though it's hot - just think - that EVERYTHING that is currently growing in our part of the country is to hydrate you. So, shop local. Cook with what's in season and let's get/stay healthy.

The Caramel Shop

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