A kidding (baby goats) season has come to an end

Each year I get excited about seeing little babies born at the farm. Perhaps my husband not so much. He's the one who accepts (he so loves me) the job of getting up in the night to feed little ones. Up until this last birth, all our babies have been bottle fed - meaning from the get go - we milk their mother and feed her colostrum and her milk to her babies. We felt it the best of both worlds - mother is with baby and bonds to them and babies are with mother, fed by us and then bonds to us - humans. We have felt it lent itself to more friendly babies.

The first girl to kid this year was Gretchen's Gigi and if you remember, she didn't make it but a few days. It was horribly sad in every way. I wrote about her story HERE.

About a week after Gigi died, Molly kidded with two amazing girls. Both girls found wonderful new homes on a ranch in southern Arizona.  HERE'S a little video snippet of those girls.

Raquel was next on the list and it was pure joy to wake up the morning of May 1st to hear little baby goat cries in our farm monitor. Boy and girl - sweeter than sweet and both have gone off to new homes as well.

Then Storm - my queen - one of my herds foundation goats . I was quite hesitant to breed her due to her age and at the last minute Michael said to go ahead. We had a beautiful young buck here for a few days and she seemed sooooo miserable - pining and she'd pace back and forth his pen. Hollering too. Full. Blown. Heat.


Saturday, May 7th, she delivered one beautiful girl with spots to be jealous of (that is, if you like and understand how special those moon spots are). The experience was a beautiful one with my friend Pamela - the photographer of THE PARIS COLLECTION. One we will always talk about, I'm sure.  This baby girl also went to an amazing Nubian farm in Florence.  Storm is now in retirement and will live her days out at farm.

Cherry was due May 13th, but also decided to deliver her babies without us. She surprises us with two tiny babies a few days early. It's quite delightful to wake up - grab coffee - and run to the birthing pen to see "what hit the ground" and know all is OK.  Cherry presented us with a buckling of which I have dubbed Mr. White Face and a tiny little girl.


I'll admit it. Michael and I have been running on fumes lately. When you get up in the middle of the night for 3 nights in a row it can take its toll.  Uninterrupted sleep is sweet.

Being so tired, we decided to do something different. We decided to just "let" Cherry take care of her babies. Best. Decision. We. Ever. Did. Both babies are thriving and Cherry is the best mother (duh, nature!) and the cool thing is that Cherry has warmed up to us.  I imagine next years kidding season will look like this one with Cherry.

We are waiting a bit longer to let these little ones go to their new homes. If you're interested in either baby, please connect with me HERE.

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