Questions asked: Is your farm open again?

Besides questions about purchasing our caramels, that question: Is your farm open again? is the next most asked question.

The simple answer is YES. . . . . . Thursday mornings from 9-11:30 am . . . but . . .

Here's the story:

Last June we closed the farm down to step back, evaluate how things were going.

In any business, you have to evaluate. Right?!

We decided the "farmer's market style" of offering our produce, flowers and herbs along with the "little cups of $1 coffee and/or Moroccan Mint tea along with breakfast breads just didn't work. As nice as it was . .  . it just didn't work. We don't feed our goats or pay our electric bill when someone buys a $1 cup of coffee. Being local and being community is about support - on many levels.

What also didn't work was allowing farm guests to peruse our farm - home - and walk 'everywhere'. 

That didn't work because of certain issues of what I call disrespect.  It totally broke my heart to see adults allow their children to throw rocks at my chickens, try to feed my goats (when the "sign" says NO and to see children run through my gardens, pick my peaches and "private home garden" signs ignored.

It all became a bummer. A liability. . . not the heart of who we are and what we believe. 

Not only is this farm how we write a pay check but this farm is our home. It's the land Michael and I steward and sweat over and choose to allow others to enjoy the sanctuary that we enjoy - that we have created with hard hard work.

Closing allowed me to design the former "market" space into a French themed FarmShop. We painted, I bought new beautiful vintage-y furniture pieces, incorporated the rustic couture pieces I already had and created what I call "The Back Room" (for farm members only).

In this process, I sought out artisan women who would handcraft gift items for me - - practical things like my red oak cheese board, my gift/coffee tray boxes, my Grow - Cook - Create - Gather brand of flour sack tea towels and market satchels and coffee mugs.

I got rid of the "farmer's market" - and provide our farm grown produce for our farm members only (more on that later - and there is NO space available and a WAITING LIST) AND IF Joy, our farm manager harvests extra - we DO make it available INSIDE the FarmShop.  What else is available - food items are Crow's Dairy goat cheese, Grano de Vida breads, Nourished bone broths, herbs, flowers and of course our famous goat milk caramels.

When ARE we open? Thursdays from 9-11:30.

Can you walk around the farm? No - however, when you arrive at the farm (park near the turquoise doors) and walk toward the sign below. . . and then follow the pathway toward our FarmShop garden area.  In our FarmShop garden - we've added a lovely fountain, rose bushes and when I relaunched the shop/garden space - Farm Couture style - read about it here - I added beautiful Paris prints from The Paris Collection.

Are you 'kid' friendly? We are kid friendly only when adults are responsible for their little ones.

Can we buy caramels? YES - and do keep our caramels in mind for Mother's Day - and for Wedding Favors and Thank you gifts and Baby Shower Gifts and more!!!!! Check this out!


Hope to see you this Thursday - 9 - 11:30 am!