Did I tell you about this? And, bring your mom.

It's all about The Create Series - you know - to create things that are beautiful - and not necessarily keep them to yourself.

The Create Series is having it's first one year birthday in May. A year ago, I reached out to crazy creative young women to collaberate with them - to do some beautiful CREATIVEworkshops at our farm.

Jenna taught us the art of foraging for flowers and how to gently design them. Read about Jenna here.

Stephanie taught us the art of product photography and styling. It was awesome! Read about Stephanie here.

Rachel taught us basic water coloring techniques with flowers. You can read about Rachel here.

Every workshop overflowed last May and everyone we have scheduled since that has been so well attended.

It says to me - that women and men want to tap into the creative soul and express things needing to be expressed through an art form.

That being said, I hope you will come again - and paint with Rachel - and bring you mom. Next Friday, May 6th and you wanted to bring your mom and you forgot....here's the info again.

Light snack and beverages. Limited seating!

All materials included, $78 purchase tickets here

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