In the meantime, I'm planting flowers and excited for Friday.

We're getting ready to get ready for little baby goats to be born here at the farm. We have three girls due pretty much back to back this month. Technically, three girls - one sweet girl - Bridgette - we don't think "took" we'll see.

It's always a bit nervous for me - this birthing baby goats thing. Last years kidding season was a rough one. We lost all Molly's babies - she kidded early and then the walked around the farm for a couple of weeks crying because she couldn't find her babies. It was horrible.  The big mama goat in the picture below is Molly. Last year she had three - we're thinking this year she has four.


In spite of a bit of nervousness - as you never really know what to expect and are "on" the weeks before the due date - we're excited. All babies will go to good happy homes.

In the meantime, Michael's been building new raised beds and I've been filling them as fast as I can with flowers and flower seeds. Today, I gathered flowers and greens and put these farm couture bouquets- perfect for a little Thank You gift for someone who needs to be loved.


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