The best way to learn how to garden

A few years ago we held weekly gardening workshops that taught people how to start a garden, plant seeds, water correctly, fertilize effectively, make a compost pile (and what to do with it) as well as what to grow when (and a lot more too).

As in most things, that season of workshops ended but we still have so may people ask lots of gardening questions - because #1 there is a continued growing interest in having a backyard garden with delicious and organic vegetables and #2 when our farm guests come through our gardens to our beautiful FarmShop on a Thursday (see here) to purchase our goat milk caramels - they WALK s-l-o-w-l-y past many of our lovely raised beds where Joy has on display the farm's beautiful bounty. {Joy grows. I cook caramels.}

It came to me that the BEST WAY EVER to learn how to garden is to actually do IT.  The best way is to walk alongside an experienced grower by volunteering regulary - taking it all in - all the "how to do this" and "how to do that" and then go home and do IT. Then come back the next week and work along side the expert again and ask questions and then go home and do it at your place.

So, how about plant a garden and begin (small baby steps) to grow some of your own food.

How about volunteer - join Joy's Team - and learn so many wonderful gardening tips by getting your hands dirty at The Simple Farm.

[As much as we'd love to have kids - under the age of 15 - be part of what their parents learn - we just can't. The Simple Farm is a working farm and liability and the work we do just wouldn't allow it. Thanks for understanding. However, IF your teen needs community service - weCAN give them projects to fulfill their requirements.] Get started and register here.

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