My Worst Nightmare

If there is a gate for a goat to go through - they will. If there is a gate you think a goat can't go through - they can.

I ran some errands this afternoon and came home to the Leroy family (our farm guests) and their amazing 6 boys. They came running down the farm driveway. My first thought was something like how nice this greeting committee is. But I knew differently, when I rolled the window down and they were screaming "the goats broke through the fence and we got them and Winnie and wired up the fences."

My heart raced and my mind went crazy. Real wild crazy with images - not pretty images.

When I first had a little herd of dairy goats, while living in North Texas, my goats got out. In the middle of the blackest night ALL my girls broke down the fence (they are stronger than you think) and wandered out into the dark country road. I awoke that horrible night to the most horrible blood curdling screams and thuds. A pick up truck hit and killed all my girls. And the driver never stopped. Morning came and the carnage was counted and taken care of - but there was one missing. The baby girl goat of my favorite girl Cricket. We couldn't find her.

I am not sure where she was - but a baby goat going through trauma - will most likely hide - and after a few hour, there was this little sweet baby goat - scratched and scraped at my back door to my Texas country farm house. Unbelievable. 

Anyway, after I parked the car I had the boys show me what they saw. Back in my Secret Garden - the goats broke through the fencing - literally - by standing on the top of the fencing and pushing it over. They enjoyed all sorts of green stuff and when the boys found them a few of them were STANDING on an old round table. They always seek to find the highest place to get to the tops of trees.

Besides the injuries that can be done to a goats udder and teats and possible broken legs - what brings the most fear is IF they would eat things that are toxic to them. We've had that happen. Three of my girls got through a gate - and found their way to peach trees. Stone fruit is toxic to goats and we almost lost those three girls. The regiment to restore their rumen was brutal. Days and days of many injections. Horrible experience.

I am happy this family and these 6 boys were present and remembered a few things I told them about how to 'get goats' to a yard.  Cherry, kept vocalizing when she saw me. I am hoping the vocalization is and expression of "happy to see a familiar face" kind of thing and NOT that her belly is sick. Morning time will tell.

Every morning, when I let the girls out - I ALWAYS watch their back side. I want to see what I call "happy goat berries" - cause if not - goats with an upset rumen can go down quickly. So far (and I just checked) all girls goat berries are happy. Backing soda is a plenty in their night time pen and I'll be up early checking again.

Thanks for loving our farm's caramels.

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