Farm Beauty and Farm Members and Learning to Garden

It's "winter" and so all the things we grow around here are making changes according to the weather. Winter has its own kind of beauty and I thought I'd share a bit of it with you.  Peach leaves have almost all fallen, the red ruby grapefruit are ripening, the eggplant, okra and other "summer" crops are either dying or taking a break - thanks to Joy's hard work to cover them.


Speaking of Joy - have you met her yet? She is one of the hardest working women I know. She's our farm's manager - she's a volunteer.

If you want to learn how to garden, we realize the best way is to have a coach that you spend time with and learn from. The way we teach gardening (now) at our farm is through the hands on, shoulder to shoulder, life on life experience. We teach by doing and talking about and then being encouraged to go and do. 

Would you like to learn to garden?  We want to help you and the way we do it is through volunteering at our farm. Email me at and I will connect you with Joy.  Volunteers work Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sometimes Friday.

Farm Beauty Mingled in With How Being A Farm Member Works


The following is written by Farm Member Erin - She writes on her experience being a member of The Simple Farm.

The Simple Farm, a more apt name would be The Complex Farm, but the juxtaposition is exactly what the Farm stands for, hard work, many hours and loving care create the simpler things in life we take for granted in these days of things ready in an instant.

This farm is a well oiled machine that only properly functions because of the love and outreach from its owners and all those who are part of their village that tenderly and lovingly help cultivate and care for the land they richly maintain.

That being said, it is a farm, subjected to the elements or weather, wildlife, pests of all sizes who love the harvest as much as we do.  

As part of their giving back and sharing the earth, The Simple Farm graciously offers a Crop Share program (also known as Farm Members OR CSA) for families and individuals.  The funds collected support a functioning farm - let me emphasize, functioning farm.  They and their volunteers work many hours to harvest, package and bundle the Crop Share items as well as harvest any others to offer farm guests on Thursdays when the Farm is open to the public in the morning.  This is all in addition to running the farm, which is a 24/7 lifestyle, not just a 9-5 job.  Sometimes harvest is more bountiful than others, but offerings are fair and most of the time very generous. There is no magic wand making this happen, it is Lylah, her family, friends, those she has touched in some way who choose to assist her on her farm so we may receive the benefits. 

If unsure how to use items received, Google is great.  I had no idea what some of the items even were when I started, but with handy recipes I make stews, soups, add to dishes and sometimes just have a snack on some of the greens, fruits and other treats each week.  I have even used the food processor to make some baby foods akin to pouches available in the grocery store, but this is literally farm to table.  Shred zucchini and make muffins, make fries out of sweet potatoes!

Ultimately, you are supporting a local business and how exactly where your food is coming from and who took care of it until it made it to your hands, community in action.  It isn't for everyone, but it is worth every penny and every click on the internet to find a recipe that suits you.   Free of charge is the good feelings you get from Lylah and all her cohorts when you come to the farm and are welcomed with a smile.  

Thanks Erin for sharing.

Partner With Us - Our Farm's Caramels In Other Shops

Small businesses, such as ours, grow most from word of mouth. Yes, the word about our caramels has been spread far and wide and we'd love to expand the "far and wideness" in 2017. If you know of a flower shop, coffee shop, gift shop, small market, antique type shop who YOU think should carry our caramels and it's one you frequent - would you consider being a partner or ambassador of The Simple Farm? If you have your favorite shop in mind and would be willing to approach the owners with a sample package of our caramels - let's talk. Email me at The pay for you is a package of caramels too. 

Speaking of caramels - we will have a few baskets filled with caramels for your last minute stocking stuff and gift giving needs.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

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