My Farm Journal Entry for Wednesday - Rhythm Therapy - That Which Slows You Down

Wednesdays are BUSY around the farm. Joy and a small team of some of the most amazing women show up early and engage in the beautiful rhythm of filling water tubs, gathering harvesting gloves and other necessary tools along with harvesting baskets. Then they head out into the gardens to snip, pull, and gather all sorts of beautiful flowers, herbs and produce - the JOY LIST - that will become our FARM MEMBERS weekly gatherings.

I took this picture this morning with my I-Phone. No filter and unedited and pure beauty.

Every week, I am astounded at all the glorious food - real food - organically grown produce that is supposed to TASTE like pure goodness.  I think enjoying good food - fresh from the garden is like therapy. Slows you down.

It's been said that so many Americans don't really know what good, real food is supposed to tasted like. It's often been "adulterated" with so many things added. I wrote about chard here. And, here is one of my favorite ways to serve chard - just 5 simple ingredients and easy to make! And here is a way to incorporate chard into my Autumn Harvest Soup. It's so easy.

Years ago, I made bread regularly and am seeking ways to carve out that time to begin again. Making bread and kneading it with your hands is so therapeutic. Slows you down.

Yes. These are real. The camera grabbed white off the white eggs - but all those colors are pure. We haven't gathered a basket like this for a few years - but we will in about 6 months with the new babies I wrote about a few posts ago. It's pure soul therapy watching baby chicks - big hens and gathering their eggs. Did you know they lay an egg every 26 hours? They work so very hard for us.  Go here for a therapy video of baby chicks from 2011.

Believe it or not - milking goats - every day - can be like therapy. This glorious animal looks to you to provide for her and she LOVES to come in to the milk room, jump up on HER milk stand and allow you to take from her - the rhythm required to milk a goat. Did you know that 70% of people who drink milk in the world drink goat's milk?

Another rhythm is those daily gatherings around the supper table - with family, friends, neighbors and strangers. There's something hopeful that happens when we share a common meal. On that note, ALL our Suppers at The Farm with Kitchen West (Scottsdale Resort) are filled through February. Here's INFO about our farm suppers.

As we begin to enter the wonderful holiday season, let's step slowly into the season, being mindful of others, mindful of our stress load, mindful of not comparing with others, mindful of being a giver and not a taker and mindful of that rhythm therapy of the soul that can calm the soul.

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