A Bee Experience

I wanted to start singing opera when Joy (our farm manager) told me she got a Flow Hive bee hive for her birthday (you can ask her how old she is yourself). You see, the awesome Ian (aka-former Goat intern) - and awesome chocolate maker at BeeHive Chocolates worked on building a few hives here at the farm but unfortunately the little ladies (or gentlemen) kept flying away. We all were so disheartened each time a hive flew off and perhaps Ian more so. Anyway, this farm story has images worth more than words. And, if you want our salted goat milk caramels dipped in dark chocolate - HERE they are.


So, what Joy and her son (hugging above) were doing is making sure the QUEEN was in the right spot and doing her job. She was!  Thanks a ton to Emily Brown of AZ Queen Bee for guidance, an extra bee suit and for allowing us to purchase this hive of happy bees.

And, yes - I did have a Bee Suit on - and shot this (still feeling a tad nervous) with a Canon 6D and using a 24-70 MM lens.


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